The Need for Acceptance

When I’m outside everyone I meet, walk by or sit next to in the subway must not think that I’m behaving the wrong way, am dressed up like I’m not supposed to or otherwise look weird or wrong. They must think that I seem like a pleasant person.

When I’m buying groceries everyone must think I know what I’m looking for and doing. The sales clerk and everyone else must not think that I’m buying too many unhealthy things at once or too often. I also musn’t spend too much money on any given week.

My bandmates have to think of me as a decent musician and a fun person. Everyone watching us play must think I fit in, play well and look cool.

My schoolmates have to think of me as intelligent, fun and similar to them with an unique personality. Teachers must think I’m smart and good at the school subjects.

My parents have to think I’m doing well in school and can perform everyday things like an adult. They mustn’t think that I’m wasting the little money I have on stuff I don’t really need. They must think I’m behaving well and not doing anything too stupid.

At home I must not make noise, especially in the evening or early morning, or I might disturb my neighbor(s).

And why is this important? Because when things don’t go this way, I get anxious and into some serious mental pain.


~ by Ndprs on February 7, 2012.

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