At a Crossroads

That’s where my psychologist tells me I am at. The other road being the one I’ve travelled so far, trying to externally control my emotions and avoid my issues. This includes food, video games, tv-shows, music, alcohol, self-harm, smoking etc. The other one would be addressing the problems internally, trying to resolve them inside my head.

How do I do something like that? How do I think away being lonely, having been dumped, betrayed and left to suffer, always feeling like everyone has a reason to hate me and thus isolating myself, having betrayed a friend mine myself, every social circle having people that cause me grief so I don’t want to go anywhere, being always tired and exhausted, dizzy, disoriented – also failing school because of this.


~ by Ndprs on March 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “At a Crossroads”

  1. Failing school? Oh no, you’re not, I can tell you. Maybe a bit behind, but you’re smart and a fast learner, you’ll catch up when you’ve crossed the road.

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