What is Ndprs? A page I felt like creating when I couldn’t sleep and had nothing to kill time with. A channel to express myself to myself and anyone who happens to find it.

I’m a 20-year-old guy living in Finland. I’ve been more or less depressed for as long as I remember and for the last few years extremely uneasy or anxious for most of the time. Outside because of my paranoia of other people and their thoughts on me, at home because of the lack of people around me. For many reasons I’ve ended up in a situation where I feel alone regardless of the people that I see at school, at my hobby etc. Writing (and Paint-ing hurried “comic strips”) seems like something worth a try, as a way to let out some steam.

Read to your own amusement, despair or other ways of enjoying my ramblings. If you’d like to comment on something, you can do it directly under each post or by sending a private email to (2 s’s)


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